R&D of Technologies - Work Package 3

The aim of this work package is: To further the development of 6 chosen technologies. The activities are:

1. Applied technical development of each technology:

• windows
• foundation and insulation towards the ground
• biomass CHP,
• ventilation with heat recovery and heat pump
• heat distribution for local district heating
• CTS (intelligent control and monitoring) – towards low energy class 1 building.

2. A report and a product brochure covering each technology.

Two producers have completed their work: Protec Windows and Genvex – the reports can be found under publications. Before the end of 2009 Biosynergi, Intelligent Housekeeper and Logstor will have completed their work. Maxit will follow in the next year. For further information about the development work of each producer read the following sections.

12 “reports”: A detailed report covering each technology and a brochure for each technology. Leader: Cenergia.

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