Demonstration activities

In the years 2007-2014 a large number of single family houses and and rental dwellings will be designed and constructed with a heating demand corresponding to the Danish Building Regulation (BR)08 low-energy standard referred to as "low-energy class 1" in a new settlement called Stenloese Syd. This means that the energy consumption will be 50% below the standard energy regulations of BR08. 65 rental dwellings has been designed and constructed as ultra-low energy buildings with a yearly net heating demand of 15 kWh/m². The Concerto community also includes a new kindergarten and a new activity centre for elderly people. Furthermore 2 schools and 5 institutions are to be energy renovated to the energy level of new buildings according to BR08.

The individual buildings will be supplied by a combination of heat pumps and , solar heating systems.
The main renewable energy supply og the Class1 Concerto community will stem from more than 500 kWp of solar cells (PV).

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